1973 Yellow and Black Racer

Country and/or Category: Germany (Inland), Rallye Edition | VIN range: 133 2199 639 - 133 3200 000 | S-code(s): S714 |
Extras/Options M-code(s): M559, M409, M102

3,500 produced. Based on the 1303 Super Beetle 1600. L13M  Saturngelb/Saturn Yellow paintwork with L03 Rallye Black trim, hood and engine cover; L41 Schwarz/Black interior. Features vented front valance (M 550) from US models for air conditioning – in this case, suggested for oil cooler use. Black (37) interior with leather sports steering wheel by Petri AG, Recaro sourced sports seats (M409), 5.5Jx15 sports wheels, special Veith-Pirelli 175/70 x 15 tires, black and yellow trimmed bumpers, reversing lights. Badged VW 1303 S.

That car, and our campaign, got Volkswagen in trouble. 1973 was the year of the first oil crisis. Despite the puny 50 hp engine of the 1303, the campaign was understood as an invitation to hoonery. Huge discussions wafted back and forth, Volkswagen was denounced even in German parliament. Political correctness is not a recent invention. – Bertel Schmidt, who worked at Volkswagen PR when the car launched.

In 1974 a 2.0L yellow-black ‘Bumblebee’ Porsche 914 LE (Can-Am success celebration Limited Edition for the USA) was produced. Also made with slightly varying specifications as a 914 GT (Jubilaumsmodell to celebrate 100,000 914s made), and the 914 SL (Sports Limited for Japan). Black (L041) with Sunflower Yellow trim (L13K).

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