1973 Yellow and Black Racer

Country/Category: Germany (Inland)
VIN range: 133 2199 639 - 133 3200 000 | S-code(s): S714
Extras/Options code(s): M559, M409, M102

3,500 produced. Based on the 1303 Super Beetle 1600. L13M  Saturngelb/Saturn Yellow paintwork with L41  Schwarz/Black engine lid, bonnet; black mirrors, wipers and trim. Features vented front valance (M 550) from US models for air conditioning – in this case intended for oil cooler use. Black (37) interior with leather sports steering wheel by Petri AG, Recaro sourced sports seats (M409), 5.5Jx15 sports wheels, special Veith-Pirelli 175/70 x 15 tires, black and yellow trimmed bumpers, reversing lights. Badged VW 1303 S.

In 1974 a 2.0L yellow-black ‘Bumblebee’ Porsche 914 LE (Can Am success celebration Limited Edition for USA) was produced. Also made with slightly varying specifications as a 914 GT (Jubilaumsmodell to celebrate 100,000 914s made), and the 914 SL (Sports Limited for Japan). Black (L041) with Sunflower Yellow trim (L13K)

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