1974 World Cup ’74

Country and/or Category: Germany (Inland), World Cup '74 Edition | VIN range: not known | S-code(s): S724 |
Extras/Options M-code(s): 097, 102, 184, 289, 724

Twenty five 1303 Super Beetle Convertible editions produced by Karmann for members of the German World Cup Football Team of 1974. Cliff Green (L61A) and Black hoods with World Cup ’74 sidestripe and ‘WM 74’ symbol on rear quarter panels (Colour code for special order 999850). These included VW radio “Emden” and a football shaped gearshift knob.

Apart from those for the football team aproximately 300 similar 1300cc 1303 Sedans were sold through Dealerships in Cliff Green, Rallye Yellow, Brilliant Orange and Senegal Red.

During 2014 a reunion with former owners and players was held at the Borussia-Park Stadium, Mönchengladbach.

World Cup ’74 Register

Information and b/w pictures courtesy vw-1303.de Other pictures courtesy Jan Walter.

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