1974 WM ‘Weltmeister’ ’74

Country/Category: Germany (Inland)
VIN range: n/a | S-code(s): n/a
Extras/Options code(s): Z06, M172, M184, M218, M277

Campaign model celebrating Germany’s World Cup Championship of 1974 based on the World Cup ’74 Cabriolet.

300 1300cc L equipped 1303 Sedans were sold through Dealerships in L10A  Rallyegelb/Rallye Yellow, L20B Leutchtorange/Brilliant Orange /Light Orange, L31A Senegalrot/Senegal Red and L61A Cliffgrün/Cliff Green paintwork, all with Black hoods. These included GT ‘Sports’ wheels on some models (Standard style steel with Chrome wheel ring trims on others), a radio, special decals, football shaped gearshift knob and a FIFA pennant.

Information courtesy Björn De Groote, Jan Walter

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