1973 Spring Messenger

VIN range: (Standard and 1303) 113 2606 864 - 113 3200 000 | S-code(s): S736, Export: S785
Extras/Options code(s): n/a

Standard (with 1303 style rear wings and tail-lights) and 1303 Super Beetle. L10B  Texasgelb/Texas Yellow, L21E  Blutorange/Blood Orange/Tangerine  and  L65K  Ravennagrün/Ravenna Green paintwork. 1600cc engine. This model featured an uprated 3.875 final drive gearbox as opposed to 4.375. Badged VW 1300 S. Heated rear window, radial tyres, anti-dazzle mirror, padded dashboard, reversing lights, 4.5Jx15 GT sports wheels. 750 produced.

See also Bijzondere, Corail, 1300 S/GT (ROI), Speciale Belgique and GT.

Information kindly supplied by Paul Peeters

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