1973 Sports Bug/Sport Beetle - North America and Europe

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Sports stripe
Z 05 - M032, M172, M976, M097
133 2199 639 - 133 3200 000
Sports Bug ad Sport Bug brochure
Brochure cover - crowd: 'This is a Volkswagen?' ^
Sports Bug brochure inside
Sports brochure page 3
Sports Bug special features
Sports Bug brochure 2
Sports brochure page 5
Sports 'Lemmertz' GT wheel Stripe Kit
Marathon Metallic Sports
Sports stripe detail
Sports stripe detail
Sports Bug interior
Sport interior side
VWoA publicity shot
German specification
This 1303 Super Beetle, came with Saturn Yellow (L13M) and or Marathon Metallic (L96M) paint, optional distinctive red and black 'waist' stripes, matt black trim (also Vent Grill trim used to cover vents below rear window for stripe continuity), door handles, wipers and bumpers (these also body colour 'trimmed' with tape) and Lemmertz GT Sport wheels. Sales brochures showed black headlamp surrounds but some cars were fitted with the standard chrome. The interior featured Recaro sourced sports bucket seats and 'leather' sports steering wheel. Dealer fitted options included the 'short throw' Formula Vee range shifter, a stereo radio and fog lamps. Engine was standard 1600 with black flare-tip exhaust pipes. 20,000 sold in North America. The Sports Bug Stripe Kit was also available from Dealers.
  Header photograph courtesy Blaine Braziel.