1996 Ouro - Brazil

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  Ouro green
  Ouro red
Ouro badge Fusca badge
  Ouro silver
Ouro interior
Ouro instrumentation
Ouro interior 2
Ouro door panel
Ouro decklid
Ouro decklid VW badge
Ouro engine

The last Brazilian Beetle or Fusca came off the production line on 11 July 1996. By that time the total Brazilian Beetle production had reached 3 million. This 'last edition' model finally marking the end of the Fusca in Brazil. The Ouro was fitted with a 1600cc dual carburettor engine and front driving lamps. Ouro badge on front side panels, Fusca and VW badge on rear decklid. Paint - Verde Nice Metallic, Blue, Red, Silver.

Verde Nice Metallic car pictures courtesy Pastore Car Collection