1972 Marathon Beetle

VIN range: n/a | S-code(s): S714 for 1302S (Germany, France) S726 for VW 1300/1300cc (Belgium, Netherlands, UK, Finland?), S728 VW 1300/1200cc (Austria)
Extras/Options code(s): M102, M162, M170, M228, M248, M551, M616, M714, M726

‘Marathon Beetles’ were produced to celebrate the Beetles world record production figure of 15,007,034 – that car (a 1302 Super Beetle) subsequently named the ‘World Champion’. ‘Marathon Beetles’ were offered as 1300cc Standard model and as a 1302 Super with special Marathon Metallic (metallic silver/blue, L96M) paint and unique silver and black sports wheels (Lemmerz made, part no. 000 071 475B – called ‘Baja’ wheel in US). Each wheel with silver wheel nut caps and hexagonal VW aluminium hub covers. Black Leatherette seats.

Also included was a commemorative folder ‘History in the making’, a small certificate, keyring and souvenir gold coloured medallion with the inscription ‘Der Weltmeister 1972, Wolfsburg, Germany’ and a side view of the Marathon. Over 6000 produced – #6857 seen on one medallion.

Produced also in Australia as the ’15 Millionth’ and in Portugal in Marina Blue.

See also Baja Champion SE

Marina Blue Portugese Weltmeisters pictures courtesy José Amador

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