1972 Marathon

Country and/or Category: [ Landmark Edition ], Champion Edition, Europe | VIN range: not known | S-code(s): S714 Inland, S728 Export |
Extras/Options M-code(s): M102, M162, M170, M228, M248, M551, M616, M714, M726

‘Marathon Beetles’ were produced to celebrate the Beetles world record production figure on the 17 February, 1972 of 15,007,034 – that car (a 1302 Super Beetle) subsequently named the ‘World Champion’. ‘Marathon Beetles’ were offered as 1300cc Standard model and as a 1302 Super with special Marathon Metallic (metallic silver/blue, L96M) paint and unique silver and black sports wheels (Lemmerz made, part no. 000 071 475B – called ‘Baja’ wheel in US). Each wheel with silver wheel nut caps and hexagonal VW aluminium hub covers. Black Leatherette seats.

Also included was a commemorative folder ‘History in the making’, a small certificate, keyring and souvenir gold coloured medallion with the inscription ‘Der Weltmeister 1972, Wolfsburg, Germany’ and a side view of the Marathon. Over 6000 produced – #6857 seen on one medallion.

See also 15 millionth (AUS), Baja Champion SE (US), Campeao do Mundo (PRT) and World Champion Beetle (ROI).

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