1974 Luxury Beetle

Country and/or Category: Export | VIN range: 1974: 134 2565 674 - 134 2772 768; 1975: 135 2000 001 - 135 2187 424 | S-code(s): Export: S729 |
Extras/Options M-code(s): M032, M042, M054, M094, M162, M976, A13


This 1303 S Super Beetle was finished in L97A Diamantsilber-metallic/Diamond Silver Metallic paintwork with Dark Blue upholstery, Lemmerz GT Sports wheels and the following additional extras all included  in the Edition package: rubber bumper inserts, lockable fuel cap, radial tyres, wood effect veneer dashboard trim, glove box lock and engine lid lock.

It can be identified in the The Volkswagen “S” (standing for “Sonderverkaufsaktion” or “Sonderaktion” meaning , literally, “Special sales deal” and“Promotions” respectively) list as “S 729 “Sonderaktion *Luxus-Käfer*  Export-Länder nicht USA, Kanada 1303: 135, 136”

The Austrian example illustrated here which has a complete and reputable provenance bolstered with a Volkswagen “Zertifikat” appears very similar to the Big Beetle (II) in many respects save for not having a side stripe decal, Lapisblau (56) leatherette faced upholstery rather than the velour seats of the Big Beetle, and Lemmerz “GT” sports wheels of 4½Jx15 rather than 5½J x15.

The Volkswagen “S  list does not elaborate on which countries were included in the all embracing term “Export-Länder” for the S 729  *Luxus-Käfer*.  We believe however that this edition was sold in at least Denmark, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria and Italy (model 1303:135)  together with UK and Japan (model 1303:136). Marketing was variously either as part of the  Big Beetle Edition or, as in Austria, simply as a Luxus-Käfer.

Evidence of L95C (Y6) Moosgrün-metallic 1303 S that were thought to be Big Beetles with 4½Jx15 Lemmerz “GT” sports wheels, rubber bumper strips and the standard plastic gear shift knob (instead of the wooden version knob shown in the Big Beetle brochure.) suggested that the “S729 “Sonderaktion *Luxus-Käfer* Edition probably comprised then not only of Diamantsilber-metallic cars but of Moosgrün-metallic green ones as well. Further research that included searching through the colours of carpeting listed in the 1970s Volkswagen parts lists confirm that the S729 *Luxus-Käfer* did comprise of both Moosgrün-metallic and Diamantsilber-metallic.

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Photographs courtesy Leopold Schneider, Austria.

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