1970 June Beetle

Country and/or Category: [ Landmark Edition ], Spring Edition, UK | VIN range: not known | S-code(s): not known |
Extras/Options M-code(s): M058, M102, M218

Paint and Upholstery: L20E Signal Orange (5132) / Leatherette (standard to UK market Beetles) Black (40).
Technical Data: 1500cc typ.114 badged “VW_1500”.
Factory Fitted Optional Equipment: Bumper overriders front and rear, Heated rear window, Wheel trim rings.

Context: The rarer, right-hand drive, version of the orange edition that varied in small detail ways from the left-hand drive models and in the significant way of being based on the “VW_1500” rather than “VW_1300” Beetle. We have been unable to find any VW (GB) Ltd literature that detailed the June Beetle’s importation nor any contemporary magazine coverage. There was, however, a very well known front cover photo taken by Ron McFarlane of a June’ and it’s television actress owner Veronica Carlson on the February 1972 issue of “Safer Motoring” Magazine.

Definitive information confirming the June Beetles promotion and price is conclusive thanks to contemporary Dealer forecourt photographs taken on 6th June 1970.

The pre-decimal LSD price of this exciting model was £812 08s 10d (decimalised currency came to the UK the following year) which was same as the list price of a normal series 1500 Beetle.

The total importation of June Beetles into the UK is still a matter of conjecture but we guess that it would have been based on the number of Dealerships at the time which was around 280 in total in the UK. Evidence suggests just one per Dealer but if importation numbers of some of the later, similarly rare, UK SEBs are anything to go by the June’ importation could have been anywhere between circa 300 and circa 600 cars. Of these, just a handful currently survive including one being restored by enthusiast Jason Baker to whom we very appreciative for a lot of assistance with information and photographs.

Jason Baker (photos), Alan Hardy and Stephen Hardy (photos).

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