1972 Jubiläums-Käfer

Country and/or Category: 20 Millionth Volkswagen Edition, Austria, Europe, France, Germany (Inland), Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland | VIN range: not known | S-code(s): |
Extras/Options M-code(s): M121, M162, M206, M227, M616, M652, M008

Issued in autumn 1971 the Jubilee Beetle – celebrated the 20 millionth Volkswagen produced.

A Standard 1300, 1302 (1300) and 1302 S (1600) Super Beetle in L13M  Saturngelb/ Saturn Yellow paintwork. The package featured Sprintstar wheels, a heated rear window, padded dashboard, reversing lights, fresh air blower, wiper delay switch with intermittent wash-wipe, Black Leatherette high back seats. Also included were a certificate and dash plaque. 15,000 produced for all of Europe which included 1,100 for Austria. 300 for the Republic of Ireland in Texas Yellow built locally as a 1200 or 1300 Standard in February 1972 – highback black basketweave seats, padded dash and notably with standard wheels and hubcaps.

Information kindly provided by Jan Walter from ‘Der Kafer lebt’, Michael Klier, Weiahaupt Verlag, Graz (A), 1994 3-900310-99-8.

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