1971 Jubilee/Anniversary Beetle

VIN range: n/a | S-code(s): S712, S716 (Austria, Italy, minor equipment)
Extras/Options code(s): M121, M162, M206, M227, M616, M652, M008

Issued in autumn 1971 the Jubilee Beetle – celebrated the 20 millionth Volkswagen produced.

A Standard 1300, 1302 (1300) and 1302 S (1600) Super Beetle in L13M  Saturngelb/ Saturn Yellow paintwork. The package featured Sprintstar wheels, a heated rear window, padded dashboard, reversing lights, fresh air blower, wiper delay switch with intermittent wash-wipe, Black Leatherette high back seats. Also included was a certificate and dash plaque. 15,000 produced for all of Europe which included 1,100 for Austria, 300 for the Republic of Ireland (notably with standard wheels).

Information kindly provided by Jan Walter from ‘Der Kafer lebt’, Michael Klier, Weiahaupt Verlag, Graz (A), 1994 3-900310-99-8.

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