1982 Jeans Bug

Country and/or Category: Europe, Mexico | VIN range: 11C000001 - 11C009836 | S-code(s): S704 |
Extras/Options M-code(s): M133, M183, M184, M218, M258


The spring 1982 1200L based/34hp Jeans Bug came in either L90E  Alpineweiß/Alpine White or LA3A Marsrot (dunkler)/ Mars Red paintwork. Features included: ‘Jeans Bug’ side stripes and logo on engine lid and the following items in black – tailpipes, window frames, trim mouldings, headlamp surrounds, engine and door locks, running board trims, hubcaps, aerial, exterior mirror. The interior came with white or blue, stitched denim, upholstery with front seat pockets and leather ‘Jeans’ patch, denim headrests, door and side panels in blue vinyl and a ‘Salzgitter’ radio. Electric screen washers. The Jetta derived gearshift also featured the ‘Jeans’ emblem. 1000 produced.

 Jeans Bug Minichamps 1/18 die-cast.

Jeans Beetle web site JeansBeetles.com Brochure courtesy Peter Frost. Alpine White photographs courtesy Tim Sewe

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