1974 Jeans II

Country and/or Category: Export, Germany (Inland), Volkssparwagen Edition | VIN range: not known | S-code(s): S714 (Inland), S716 (Export) |
Extras/Options M-code(s): Z 06, M040, M042, M046, M047, M095, M102, M167, M173, M206, M227, M248, M282, M289, M610, M616

Paint and Upholstery: L11C (D4) Brillantgelb / *** (C*) Jeansgrün, L20A (08, 09, E6, D8) Marinogelb / *** (C*) Jeansblau
L32K (39, 59, G5, H7, H8) Phoenixrot / *** (C*) Jeansschwarz (all three colours were, in 1974, unique SEB paint colours with Marinogelb and Phoenix red becoming standard paint colours for the Beetle saloon in 1975 / 76 and 1976 respectively).

Accent to the paintwork was provided by all black external trim and a satin black rallye stripe to the lower body sides carrying the lettering “jeans”. A similar style “jeans” logo was carried on the engine lid.

Technical Data: 1200cc typ. 111 badged “jeans” 1200cc typ. 112 badged “jeans”

Factory Fitted Optional Equipment: Special denim upholstery coordinated to the paint colour, M 976 4½J x15 (ET41) (Lemmerz “GT”) sports wheels or 4½J x15 (ET43) (Lemmerz “Weltmeister”) sports wheels and M pack Z 06.

Z 06 included:

M 102 Heated Rear Window

As well as being one of the black trimmed group of SEBs the Jeans Beetle was also one of the a group of SEBs based on the most basic of all the Beetles – the “economy”, “basic”, “standard” or “spartan” Beetle – Sparkäfer. This meant that a large variation of other M options over and above the basic Jeans package were factory fitted according to the market
the cars were sold in.

These included:

M 040 Speedometer with fuel gauge
M 042 Sealed tyres for Export markets
M 046 Side mounted indicators
M 047 Twin reversing lights
M 095 Blaupunkt ‘Wolfsburg’ radio
M 123 Without radio pre-equipment
M 124 Yellow headlights (French market)
M 167 Passenger handhold and coathook
M 173 155 SR 15 radial tyres
M 206 rear view mirror, inner, anti-dazzle.
M 227 Seats with integrated headrest
M 248 Ignition starter switch without steering lock
M 282 Sun visor (passenger’s side)
M 289 Shear bolt for steering column tube fixing
M 610 12 volt system
M 616 Back-up light in the brake/indicator light
M 976 in style for S714 (Inland) and market dependant, “GT” (ET41) and “Weltmeister” (ET 34) style for S716 (Export)

Context: S714 Sonderaktion *Jeans 74* (Inland) and S716 Sonderaktion *Jeans 74* (Export) were two of four models included in the “Volkssparwagen” Edition of 1974.

4,000 S714 Jeans II were produced for the German market.

The Jeans Beetle (II) was produced by Volkswagen AG at Wolfsburg (Germany) and D’leteren at Brussels (Belgium).

In mid 1974 a ‘Jeans Kit’ comprising of decals, seat covers and mud flaps was marketed by Volkswagen through it’s dealership network. These items can be distinguished by the letter a in the Jeans logo which is more legible than on the factory produced Special Editions.

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