1974 Jeans II

Country and/or Category: Export, Germany (Inland), Volkssparwagen Edition | VIN range: not known | S-code(s): S714 (Germany), S716 (Export) |
Extras/Options M-code(s): M040, M102, M167, M206, M227, M248, M282, M610

A Jeans II series was produced later in 1974 in two series. One for the home market and another for Export either in L11C  Brillantgelb/Brilliant Yellow, L20A  Marinogelb/Marino Yellow and  L32K Phoenixrot/Phoenix Red paintwork with variations in equipment and colour combinations. Some fitted with high back seats and the S716 model notably with Marathon (Lemmerz) wheels.

In mid 1974 Dealers made available a ‘Jeans Kit’ of decals, seat covers and mud flaps. These items can be distinguished by the letter a in the Jeans logo which is more legible than on the factory Special Editions.

The Jeans II and the Herringbone edition were marketed by Volkswagen as a ‘Volkssparwagen’ – a sales campaign emphasized that you were saving money not only on the purchase but also in gasoline and insurance. A newspaper was printed to promote the campaign.

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