1974 Herringbone

Country and/or Category: Europe, UK, Volkssparwagen Edition | VIN range: not known | S-code(s): S717, S719 |
Extras/Options M-code(s): M603, M032, M282, M610, M976

1200L Standard model painted  L20A  Marinogelb/Marino Yellow – Black interior (B5);  L32K Phoenixrot/Phoenix Red  – Juniper interior (B4) and L61H Lofotengrün/Alpine Green – Bamboo interior (B3). Seats featured special ‘Herringbone’ patterning.

L Pack M603 included. Optional Golf sourced ‘golfball’ gear shift knob, padded dashboard and 4.5Jx15 GT ‘Sport’ wheels.

The red and yellow editions were marketed in the UK as the ‘1200 Super’.

This and the Jeans II were marketed by Volkswagen in mainland Europe as a ‘Volkssparwagen’ – a sales campaign emphasized that you were saving money not only on the purchase but also in gasoline and insurance. A newspaper was printed to promote the campaign.

Pictures courtesy Jan Walter and Volks Repairs. UK car pictures courtesy Ian Gibbs.

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