1973 GT Beetle

Country and/or Category: Fruit Series Edition, UK | VIN range: 113 234 7044 - 113 235 0365 | S-code(s): S714 |
Extras/Options M-code(s): M172, M228, M714, M976

 A European 1300 S based model with 1584cc engine, uprated 3.875:1 differential, 4.5J Lemmerz GT wheels, L15M  (51/D6) Zitronengelb/Lemon Yellow,  L30M  (59) Tomatenrot/Tomato Red and  L64M  (50) Apfelgrün/Apple Green paintwork, black wing beading, front disc brakes, cloth upholstery and interior panels in beige, padded dashboard, 1303 style rear wings and tail-lights. Interestingly for this model, the tail-lights included reversing light lenses but they were not connected.

Dealer fitted GT Beetle engine cover badge (either in standard chrome or matt black, part no. 1H 99917) and optional chromium sports gear shifter (part no. 321 064231) and foot pedal covers. A Kamei tunnel tray was also fitted (part no. 111 999172).

With the 1584cc engine and revised differential, the top speed is 85mph with 70mph available in 3rd gear and 45 in second. As the GT is around 100lbs lighter it was faster in a straight line than the 1302 S Super Beetle.

2,500 produced to celebrate 300,000 UK imported units. Although the celebration photograph was taken at the Wolfsburg plant the majority of GTs were built by D’Ieteren at their plant in Belgium. Of these 2,500 cars 50% were L15M  Zitronengelb/Lemon Yellow, 40% L30M  Tomatenrot/Tomato Red and 10% L64M  Apfelgrün/Apple Green. The only classic Beetle to be officially badged a ‘Beetle’.

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