1977 Champagne Edition Convertible

Country and/or Category: Canada, USA | VIN range: 157 2067 784 > | S-code(s): S723 |
Extras/Options M-code(s): M002 - US equipment

Painted L90B or 78L90E Alpinweiß/Alpine White (P1V3K4) with a Light Sand coloured hood (some also produced with Silver/Grey hood) and Opal (Cameo White) Basket Weave Leatherette interior this Convertible came with gold stripes along the lower body, white fender beading, padded steering wheel, faux Maple dash for 1977 and faux Burled Elm for 1978, Lemmerz GT sports wheels and white-wall radials. A dash plaque and an exterior sticker were also available.

Approximately 1000 produced in total – one for each selected Dealer – part of the limited ‘Champagne Editions’ sales campaign to celebrate the 1 millionth Rabbit (Golf).

See also 1978 Champagne Edition II

Information courtesy The Kafer Cabriolet Register

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