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1971 Jubilee/Anniversary Beetle

Issued in autumn 1971 the Jubilee Beetle – celebrated the 20 millionth Volkswagen produced. A Standard 1300, 1302 (1300) and 1302 S (1600) Super Beetle in┬áL13M ┬áSaturngelb/ Saturn Yellow paintwork. The package featured Sprintstar...

2007 New Beetle Limited Red Edition

1.6 Cabriolet in Black or Beige with Bordeaux hood. Heated front seats and leather steering wheel and parking brake. ‘Sarasota’ 7J 17 wheels. Interior wind deflector. Acoustic parking sensor. Brochure courtesy  

1992 500

Special displayed at the International Exhibition Genoa ’92 Colombo ’92 for their 500th anniversary of the discovery of America. Seemingly a Mexican 21 Million model with badges on the base of the doors and...