Category: Belgium

1971 Gemini

During June 1971 Brussels based Belgian VW importer D’Ieteren produced a 1300cc Gemini Beetle. Gemini Metallic (L96E) paintwork with Black seats and interior door panels, heated rear windscreen, rocket style ‘Gemini VW’ logo on...

1973 KIT VW

A Belgian edition 1300 and 1303 S with special seats and Alaska Blue Metallic (L96B) paint, 4.5×15 Ritter/Lemmerz (Sprintstar style) sports wheels. ‘KIT VW’ logo on decklid.

1964 Mach 1

During autumn 1964 Brussels based Belgian VW importer and CKD Beetle assembler D’leteren planned to uprate 300 1200cc Beetles with Oettinger Okrasa tuned 1300/34 TSV engines. However, due to pressure from Volkswagen only 29...