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1971 Jubilee/Anniversary Beetle

Issued in autumn 1971 the Jubilee Beetle – celebrated the 20 millionth Volkswagen produced. A Standard 1300, 1302 (1300) and 1302 S (1600) Super Beetle in┬áL13M ┬áSaturngelb/ Saturn Yellow paintwork. The package featured Sprintstar...

1972 VW GT

This 1302 S Super Beetle special edition was only available from the Salzburg based Volkswagen Porsche Austria Dealership. The car came in (L96D) Silver Metallic with black side stripes, Black bonnet and engine lid...

2005 New Beetle Herbie

Convertible produced to celebrate the Disney movie ‘Herbie: Fully Loaded’. gamma CD radio, 53 made. See also 1974 The Love Bug, 2013 53 Edition