1983 Aubergine Beetle

Country/Category: Europe
VIN range: n/a | S-code(s): S707
Extras/Options code(s): n/a

The Aubergine Beetle, a Mexican special for Europe only, 1200 engine, LG4U Aubergine Metallic paintwork and matching wheels, silver side stripes, aubergine upholstery and head restraints featured seat matched door and side panelling, chrome plated wheel trims and ‘Braunschweig’ radio, heated rear window. In Italy this car was called the ‘Maggiolino Fioriserie’. 3,300 models sold.

Brochure courtesy KdF-WAGEN.de. Some information provided by Gebrueder Behling and Tim Sewe. UK Aubergine courtesy Mexican Bug Register. Print ad courtesy Alexander V. Rothkirch.

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