1974 Jeans Beetle

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73 Jeans stripe
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Jeand promotion
VW promotional photograph with side stripe label 'jeans bug'
Jeans Bug
73 Jeans Beetle UK model
Jeans L20A interior
Jeans, City and Big
The Jeans Beetle 'clothes' - also featuring the City Beetle and the Big Beetle The Beetles new 'clothes'
The '74 Jeans Beetle was a 1200/34hp based model with L16M Tunisian Yellow paintwork, 4.5Jx15 Lemmertz GT sports wheels (M976), side and engine cover stripes, denim seat covers with coloured stitching and pockets in the back rests, M Pack (Z 06) including heated rear window. The trim mouldings were black. In Europe it was fitted with a 'Ludwigshafen' or 'Wolfsburg' (MW/VHF) radio.
Brilliant Yellow Jeans

Two other models productions took place later that model year, one for the home market and another for Export, in L32K Phoenix Red, L11C Brilliant Yellow and L20A Marino Yellow with variations in equipment.

Jeans sidestripe logo

Jeans Kit
In mid 1974 Dealers made available a 'Jeans Kit' of decals, seat covers and mud flaps. These items can be distinguished by the letter a in the Jeans logo which is more legible than on the factory Special Editions.

Special 'Jeans Kit' hub caps for S761 Edition
Dealer 'Jeans Kit' accessory mudflap
Second edition S716 Export featuring Lemmertz 'Marathon'/'Baja' sports wheels
S716 1200 Jeans
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