1971 20 Millions

Country and/or Category: 20 Millionth Volkswagen Edition, Belgium | VIN range: not known | S-code(s): not known |
Extras/Options M-code(s): not known

A ‘Jubilee Beetle’ for Belgium. L13M Saturngelb/Saturn Yellow painted bodywork with heated rear window, padded dashboard, reversing lights, fresh air blower, wiper delay switch with intermittent wash-wipe,

(Translated) – ‘To control the release of the 20 million Volkswagen La Coccinelle Speciale 20 million… of which a limited number is planned for Belgium, you will be have with an attestation of the Volkswagen factories stipulate that it is a Special model. You will also receive the commemorative brochure from Wolfsburg with the production number of your Coccinelle 1300 special 20 million… and more!’

Information and brochure supplied by Jean-Marie Verhulst

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