1970 Pop Beetle

Country/Category: Landmark Edition, Netherlands, Norway
VIN range: n/a | S-code(s): n/a
Extras/Options code(s): M42, M60, M72, M135, M248


Finished in L40M Poplila (Pop Lilac), L51M Beatblau (Beat Blue) and L63M Hippigrün (Hippie Green) the Pop Beetle was based on the VW typ.113 Saloon Beetle with 1300cc engine. These three colours were never shown as available paint finishes in normal series VW sales brochures for the Beetle and similarly never shown in any VW literature as being available as ‘option at extra cost’ paint finishes.

Information published in May 1970 in the Dutch “de VW” magazine suggests that all three, along with L20E Signal Orange, were a one-off production batch.

Limited numbers were delivered to various markets including The Netherlands, where it was called the Popkever, and which received 100 examples which sold out very quickly despite having a selling price of 98.56 guilders above the normal series 1300 models on account of the special paint finish. L40M Poplila examples (at least) are also known to have been delivered to Norway one seen with Leatherette Beige interior.

Dealers decorated their showrooms in Spring holiday festival mood with flowers and travel accessories to promote the cars.

Information courtesy Jan Walter and Kjell Roar Foss. With special thanks to Wiebren Huizinga for translating the Pon document for us.

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