1970 May Beetle

Country/Category: Europe, Landmark Edition
VIN range: n/a | S-code(s): S745
Extras/Options code(s): M014, M034, M037, M050, M079, M102, M228


Finished in L20E Signal Orange the May Beetle was based on the VW typ.113 Saloon Beetle with 1300cc engine. Limited numbers were delivered to various markets including The Netherlands which received 622 examples, where it was called the Meikever and to Italy.

Information published in May 1970 in the Dutch “de VW” magazine points to the L20E Signal Orange May (and June) Beetles, together with the Pop Beetles, being a one-off production batch.

The Edition package comprised of the special paintwork colour and equipped with padded dashboard (M228), dual-circuit brake warning lamp (M050), black leatherette upholstery instead of normal series cloth (M079), heated rear window (M102), rubber trims on the bumper and VW accessory range wheel trim rings (which were, in 1970, still being fitted to the Karmann produced models as a standard fitting). M037 – Without emergency light system.

They were also fitted with an option normally seen on Beetles destined for North America: M 014 – “VOLKSWAGEN” badge instead of VW 1300 and the version for Italy was fitted with two specific options dictated by that market: M034 – Parking lamp warning light, side-mounted flashing indicators and rear reflector and VW 1500.

Information courtesy of Jan Walter and Marco Lattuada.

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