1973 1300 S/GT (Eire)

Country/Category: Republic of Ireland
VIN range: n/a | S-code(s): S714
Extras/Options code(s): M976

A European 1300 S (1600cc with uprated differential, front disc brakes) for the Republic of Ireland with Lemmerz GT Sports wheels and L30M (59) Tomatenrot/Tomato Red paint but with none of the accessories afforded the UK GT Beetle. This batch of 1300 S cars imported to the South of Ireland from Emden appear to have been built in week 52, a little later than the GT’s for the UK which were built around week 47 and the chassis numbers are later which would confirm this 113234/235 (1300 S/GT UK) and 113243 (1300 S/GT ROI). Imported into ROI during February 1973, possibly 300.

See also Bijzondere, Spring Messenger, Speciale Belgique, GT Beetle and Corail.

Information courtesy Trevor Brady and Gavin Dickson.

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