The Special Edition Beetles Parkplatz display at Stonor VW, UK, June 2018. Photo © Jessamy Dela Torre.

From time to time at SEBeetles we do come in for some criticism about perceived inaccurate information. SEBeetles is a fan based resource site built since 2000 in our free time to assist world-wide fans and to help fill in the many many gaps in VW history. The three of us involved have many years of experience of Volkswagen ownership, some of us more than we might like to admit. We do not have any access to official data. This complete set of information in one place is not available anywhere else. For sure we do not claim we are 100% accurate all of the time but are constantly looking and open to new information coming available. What is here is in some cases ‘best information’ but within that very well considered and we provide sources where we can.

All feedback is very much welcome and indeed we prefer it. What we do discover in a lot of cases is the feedback is not as well considered as our own data. Often when we go back and explain to the writer they understand very well the bigger picture of the issues involved and why we have come to the conclusions that we have.

VW do provide an official source ‘Birth Certificate’ service at cost and we are all very lucky that they continue to do this. However, from experience, we know this service is not foolproof. The Samba is also an excellent source. What we would like to emphasise is this is an ongoing project and constantly, almost daily, updated. If we believe it is good credible information from reliable sources that matches our own then we will publish it.

When we get feedback both good or bad it refocusses us on that particular part of history and we do try exceptionally hard to revisit the information and rebuild it as necessary in order to make good conclusions. We know for instance our S-code and paint tables are very much more up-to-date and comprehensive than most published documents. We also recognise there are a lot of single model websites and we acknowledge and support their dedication. We have never intended to be replacements for those sites and do link to them where known.

We do not take advertising and make no money even though we have hosting and domain costs of course. We prefer to keep it that way. So where you can please assist us to improve the site for the benefit of all. – the SEB Team.

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