There is no doubt whatsoever that looking for trends and patterns is a very important aspect of our research.

A fact that we were forcibly reminded of this whilst working on the next tranche of SEB website updating.

The SEB Team have been musing over the complexity of the Volkswagen factory ”M” and “S” options for a while and how they relate to the “Z” – Zusatzpaket (additional package) and “W” codes increasingly appearing on Volkswagen Birth Certificates. We think that we are now getting closer.

In the meantime though and armed with that evolving understanding working on just three Editions has led to a much clearer profiling of their special features packages. So much so – and effectively the “icing on the cake” – was that the patterns that evolved put some significant additional weight to the hereditary of a (until pretty recently, totally forgotten) Irish, CKD, SEBeetle.

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